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Beauty Kasatama Medical Supplier

Disposable Medical Supplies Manufacturer

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About Beauty Kasatama

Beauty Kasatama is a company that is specialized in manufacturng disposable medical supplies. We were established in 2003 and now we have made significant growth in our services in health industry.

Through our distributors and agents, we supply all of our disposable products to hospitals, drugstores, supermarket, hotel, laboratories, pharmacies, restaurant, pharmaceutical manufacturers and many other industries in almost all of Indonesia area. Now we would like to expand our market to Middle East, Africa, Europe.

Beauty Kasatama is a company founded in 2013 is engaged in the Medical Equipment industry, DiaPro earloop masks, masks DiaPro Tie On, DiaPro Nurse Cap, DiaPro Underpad, Masks V1o earloop & Tie On, Masks Skrineer, DiaPro Surgical Gown. We were in Kepasari, No. 119 Surabaya 60141 East Java. Discover the variety of our best products (masks, medical devices) with the quality and the best price you can get. - See more at:

Incontinence is a widespread condition caused by numerous medical situations. However, incontinence in itself does not have to severly limit the way a person lives. Incontinent episodes can range from infrequent, involuntary loss of large volumes of body waste to constant or intermittent dribbling of small amounts of urine. Understanding the types of incontinence and the ways to help in treating incontinence can help to improve your patient outcomes.

With Beauty Kasatama your skillful care and advanced products, the effects of incontinence on a person's life can be minimized.

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Audi Pascalis

Head of Export Division

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