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Bluekit Medical Limited Medical Supplier

Surgical and Medical Supplies for modern practice.

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About Bluekit Medical Limited

BlueKit Medical was a real response to the increasing demands for operating theatre efficiency.

Our founding Director had been in the thick of it, experiencing the very real need to think fast, act fast and move safely in surgery. Those working in operating theatres in Bluekit Medical wanted to see solutions.

That’s when Bluekit was born: the idea was to produce quality surgical supplies, selectively pooled into procedural kits, packs and assemblies, to meet the exacting needs of universal surgical procedures.

Bluekit Medical cares about the safe advancement of healthcare delivery. Since 2012, with expert knowledge in surgery and our original ambitions in mind, Bluekit Medical has been meeting with clients on an individual basis to discover exactly what it is they need. The Bluekit Medical outcome is a product, or range of products, that will collectively reduce waste, avoid compromise and promote safety.

WHAT Bluekit Medical does

• Uncompromised quality Sterile Single Use Medical and Surgical Procedure Packs: benefiting hospitals and healthcare clinics with a One-Stop Solution to Surgery.

• Expert design in Orthopaedic Surgery: specialising in an extensive range of Orthopaedic Procedure Packs crafted to offer a complete solution for orthopaedic procedures.

• Bluekit Medical is Dedicated development in Surgical Drapes: BlueKit’s disposable drapes have been engineered to champion effective infection control.

• Surgical Instruments and Consumables manufactured to the highest standard: certified BlueKit Medical instruments are made from high grade surgical stainless steel for professional use.

• Catering for NHS and private sector hospitals and clinics: for use in operating theatres/ OR, day units, dental and healthcare clinics, and outpatient departments.

• Bluekit Medical Provides solutions for dental surgery, gynaecological surgery, minor surgery, and podiatry, and major disciplines, including cardiac surgery, general and laparoscopic surgery, neurological surgery, orthopaedic surgery and urological surgery.

• Bluekit Medical Injectins bespoke design and customised service to global markets.

Bluekit Medical is here to assist you in providing the quality of care required for modern medical practice.


It is Bluekit Medical duty to maintain quality without compromise. Our high standards and dedication are reflected throughout our organisation: beginning with Bluekit Medical manufacturing partners’ sites, with adherence to ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and CE marking requirements, through to stringent quality control, packaging and sterilisation, and onward carriage to our end users. Bluekit Medical physically inspect, ultrasonically wash and dry Bluekit Medical instruments before any process of packaging and sterilisation, resulting in products primed to arrive at their destination in perfect condition.

Supplier Location

United Kingdom

Contact Person

Rebecca Porter

Managing Director

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