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Crest Medical Ltd Medical Supplier

Medical Consumables

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About Crest Medical Ltd

For over 20 years Crest Medical has been a leading name in the UKFirst Aid and Medical Supplies market. We provide a comprehensive range of first aid, medical and pharmaceutical products for occupational health and first aid professionals, to the retail first aid market and distributors. Our product range includes first aid kits, bandages, dressings, and plasters. We also specialise in eyewash, medical gloves, a wide range of medical supplies and pharmaceuticals including flu vaccines. We also have a sister company handling third party logistics and supply chain solutions


To be the Market Leader, delivering excellence in the First Aid and Healthcare Supplies Industry.


We will continue to be entrepreneurial, to lead the industry, to maintain and build on our history of product knowledge, quality and innovation, satisfying and exceeding customer expectations.


We will do this through our customer oriented, friendly team; with the enthusiasm to provide a consistent, reliable product and service with a strong focus on delivering added value whilst promoting our high ethical standards.

We are provider of medical consumables, generic, branded and OTC medicines.

We also have a controlled drugs licence

We provide First Aid kids in our own Blue Dot label and we can also provide in private label

Over 1,000 lines in stock, 3,000 lines in the portfolio, own label and branded products at the core of our success Sourcing & Manufacturing






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United Kingdom

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Rachel Maxwell


Medical products

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