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Donna Bella Cosmetics USA Medical Supplier

Manufacture Of Skin-Care Products

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14 employees

About Donna Bella Cosmetics USA

The inextractable birth of Donna Bella in the late 20th Century in a time were cosmetics was the order of the day!

The founder of Donna Bella Cosmetics, J. Papa, began to dream of what issues women had on a day-to-day basis and the removal of unwanted hair growth became the focus of his pursuit! J. Papa foresaw a solution that could be formulated with reliability and success.

Since the founder, J. Papa, Donna Bella Cosmetics has strived to maintain the highest standard in the cosmetic industry. Donna Bella Cosmetics team has a combined 75 years of experience in the cosmetic research and development industry and has traveled the world in search of the finest ingredients available.

Our quality control and support team lead by M. Klees, is available to our Distributors for all their needs. Donna Bella provides our Distributors with many solutions, including our capabilities to communicate in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Hebrew and Arabic.

Today Donna Bella Cosmetics is proud to be represented in over 115 countries worldwide. Donna Bella Cosmetics boasts of a reputation others aspire to achieve!

Donna Bella Cosmetics Success is attributed directly to your success!!

Our Mission:

Our mission is to convert the impossible to reality thru safe, scientific innovation.

Expending our knowledge, and skills beyond the ordinary. With the use of:

Chemistry – Organic, Polymer, and Analytical

Chemical Engineering

Microbiology & Toxicology

Biology & Biochemistry

Material Science

Behavioral Science

Solid academic achievement

Enthusiasm for science

Passion for beauty

Supplier Location

United States

Contact Person

Daniel Aslan


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