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Sinocare Inc Medical Supplier

Glucosemeter Strips

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Number of employees

2000 employees

About Sinocare Inc

Sinocare is the No.6 BGMS brands in the world, we have focus on BGMS product manufacture for over 13 years, now we are the No. 1 market share in huge China BGMS market, much better performance than other brands, we can sell more than 100 Million USD per year, and we are also the listed company in stock market. We are the largest BGMS manufacture in Asia, we can manufacture 6 Billion pc test strip per year. And we have just bid 100% shares of Nipro Diagnostics Inc.& PTS Diagnostics in recent days.

Supplier Location

China (PRC)

Contact Person

Jianwei Zhao

Sales Manager

Medical products

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