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Surkon Medical Medical Supplier

Surgical staplers,trocar,circumcision device

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50 employees

About Surkon Medical

SURKON MEDICAL is an emerging medical device technology company based in China. We work with surgeons to improve the life for patients and identify clinical problems. We are dedicated to the highest performance on our products and achieving better outcomes for patients.

To provide our customers with innovative, effective and high quality disposable products for both open and laparoscopic procedures as affordable price, we believe that our products can deliver what today’s surgeons are looking for. We are driven by the belief that the healthcare community is served by a reputable and professional industry.

SURKON MEDICAL are focused on surgical staplers including both open and laparoscopic stapler ,trocar and new innovated circumcision stapler for urology. All our products are CE, ISO marked ,accredited by Minister of Health,Japan and fully comply with all current International Quality Standards.

To benifit more people is always our vision of the company.

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China (PRC)

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overseas sales

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